Why Hoqet?

Increasing market popularity and conversion in the digital market with growth support.

Packages customized by hoteliers who know the region and the customer.

Upsale and cross sale possibilities.

Operational support.

Quick integration into the hotel's online reservation system.

Customer reservation tracking on a single screen.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Does it integrate with channel manager?
Yes, you may integrate via Hotelrunner or Elektra. Otherwise you have to enter the contract manually.
Is there an installment option for the end user?
Yes, we are working with iyzico as payment gateway and it provides installment options
When can I get the payments?
Payments are available just before check-in. Option to offer deferred payment in two parts: first, all non refundable services will be paid and in a second payment the rest of services at the moment they become non-refundable
Does it support multi-language and multi-currency?
Available in 24 languages and 70 currencies. Ability to connect several domains even for each language
Is it available on mobile?
Hoqet is 100% responsive and works perfectly at any platform
Is there Digital Marketing support?
It works integrated with the hotel's own digital marketing accounts such as